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A premed undergraduate student at Duke pursuing a self-designed, interdiscplinary "Program II" degree called Human Creativity: Social & Cognitive Perspectives on Aesthetics, Graywill has a long term investment in cross-disciplinary pursuits, and is interested with how identity and well-being interact across arts and medicine. She is deeply involved in both arts and sciences programming locally - whether as an EMT, executive member of one of Duke's largest student organizations, duARTS, a program developer at Apprentice Doctor, research assistant in the Duke Divsion of Neurosurgery, or a self-taught and published musician - and globally, having traveled to eight other countries for various leadership and medical-related initiatives, funded by her own entrepreneurial projects or scholarships. You can catch her over at //


Michelle is an aspiring physician who loves to spend her free time googling random topics related to biology, psychology, and neuroscience. However, her other hobbies include dancing and writing science fiction. After writing a series of books about a world afflicted by imaginary, bizarre diseases and genetically-modified animals, she has become inspired to engage in biomedical research. Now, she is eager to accomplish two main goals as a doctor: (1) to learn more about the genetic, cellular complexities involved in various illnesses, and (2) to empathize with individuals suffering from such illnesses, helping real people overcome their problems in the real world, just as she had helped her fictional characters overcome their problems in her imaginary, sci-fi world. She is a committed research assistant in the Duke Orthopedic Cellular, Developmental, and Genome Laboratory, the publishing editor of the Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience, a Wish-Granter of Make-a-Wish, and a volunteer at the Duke Children’s Hospital. Follow her at


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