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Mission & Vision

Our mission is to use art and science in tandem to create coloring books that are catalysts for learning, and that make education accessible to all ages and backgrounds. We envision a world where picking up one of our coloring books means opening up doors.

About the Founder

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K. L. Graywill is an artist, researcher, and entrepreneur interested in what art and science can tell us about the human condition. She holds a BA and MSc in neuroaesthetics from Duke University and University of London at Goldsmiths, respectively. She worked on an early iteration of Smart Colors on a grant through the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs fellowship as an undergraduate and later successfully launched the project on Kickstarter.


Sujal Manohar, Illustrator

Harini Sridhar, Illustrator

Camila Vargas Restrepo, Illustrator

Joanne Kim, Marketing & Outreach 

Darya Andreichenko, Translator

Anna Lytchakov, Translator, Marketing

Ashwin Subramaniam, Translator

Hannah Miao, Illustrator

Melanie Camejo Coffigny, Illustrator

Micki Haralson, Translator

Latifa Aboeid, Translation, Marketing

Aadyaa Singhania, Translator

Ayoub Mahdar, Translator

Alina O’Brien, Translator, Marketing

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