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Meet the Coloring Books

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In spring of 2019, we launched a campaign on Kickstarter to get our first three coloring books off the ground. The campaign was so successful that we had enough funds to print excess copies of the coloring books, allowing us to open an online store and continue developing the coloring books. Watch the pitch video that started it all and keep scrolling to learn about the products!

To train your brain.

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To teach languages.


To promote health literacy.

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The Language Coloring book is the first way to learn a language by coloring that's suitable for all ages. Build your vocabulary in a foreign language with beautiful, fun, and relaxing coloring book pages that reinforce your learning and aid your memory. Instead of staring at a list of vocabulary to memorize, use the Language Coloring Book to learn a language naturally, by associating form and words through coloring.

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Brainability is a coloring and art activity book for people with acquired and congenital neuropsychological conditions, disorders, and impairments. Its exercises target 5 different domains of cognition including: attention, language, visual-spatial, memory, and executive functions. Each activity is design to provide a different insight into the mind of the user.


Disclaimer: Although it is informed by neuropsychological principles, Brainability is NOT a medical or therapeutic device.


The Art Clinic coloring book teaches all about the maladies of the human body through coloring pages that are designed around the underlying cellular and biological processes of disease. Each illness is represented by a beautiful illustration accompanied by an explanation and scientific visualization of it. If you're interested in medicine or want to learn more about the human body, The Art Clinic makes it easy to absorb and retain medical information. 

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Want to know when we come out with new languages, volumes, or coloring books?



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