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The Language Coloring book is the first way to learn a language by coloring that's suitable for all ages. Build your vocabulary in a foreign language with beautiful, fun, and relaxing coloring book pages that reinforce your learning and aid your memory. Instead of staring at a list of vocabulary to memorize, use the Language Coloring Book to learn a language naturally, by associating form and words through coloring.

Volume 1 of The Language Coloring Book is focused on the themes of nature and seasons, and each activity will help you build a vocabulary describing and naming objects and features of the environment, weather, and more. Available in your choice of 1 of 8 languages currently offered.

- Arabic (transliterated and Arabic script in Modern Standard Arabic) 
- Chinese (transliterated/pinyin and Simplified Mandarin characters)

- French (Standard)
- German (Standard)
- Hindi (transliterated and devanagari script)

- Russian (Standard)
- Spanish (Standard)
- Swahili (Congolese emphasis)

The Language Coloring Book: Vol. 1, Nature & Seasons

  • Dimensions: 5x7", 36 pages

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