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The first edition of The Art Clinic's Artbook is the culmination of our work and serves as the curriculum for our local workshops and events. Broadly based on the theme of the human body, the art is comprised of two sections: Heart & Mind, and Flesh & Bone, each containing their own artistic rendition of a disease in the form of visual art, poetry, or dance, accompanied by a lesson on that disorder or illness. 

Available Soon!


The Art Clinic partnered with Duke's Relay for Life and Public Health Brigades chapter to design a participatory "paint-by-number" style piece of abstract art to be auctioned to support Relay for Life and cancer research. The finished piece, shown on the right, features a bright color scheme that depicts the transition from healthy cells (in cool colors) to hyperplasic, and ultimately metastatic cancer cells (in warm colors), and was hand-painted by members of the RFL and Public Health Brigades chapters at Duke with the help of The Art Clinic staff. 

We partnered with an organization in Chapel Hill, Neural Connections, which is showcasing Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area artists whose work is inspired by neuroscience, brain chemistry, and mental health for an exhibit of interactive activities for community members to learn more about the field of neuroscience and mental health. The Art Clinic's series on neurological diseases, featuring schizophrenia, epilepsy, and chronic stress, will be part of the gallery, which opens

March 22nd, 2016, 7-9 PM
FASTER LLC Office space, Franklin Street

The Art Clinic also created a participatory neuroscience painting for the gallery, which is to be completed by members of the Duke and Chapel Hill community. 

The Duke Art of Science project is two pronged. The first aspect of the project, collaborated on with the Duke Student Government committee for facilities and the environment, sought to beautify the newly opened West Campus Student Union building with artistic renditions and data visualizations of research labs at Duke created by student artists. 


In collaboration with duARTS, the second aspect of the project involved a participatory mural, titled "Life," which depicts major cells types of the human body, that was completed by students from all disciplines who painted the mural on the student center plaza. Students that correctly identified all the cell types were entered raffles to win posters of artwork from The Art Clinic, and the painting was used a pop-up teaching illustration for passersby and children in the community.



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